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Puppy Agreement: 202412
Pickup Day 05/19/24 Time 10:11 am
Purchase of a Breedadoodle Puppy: Born 03/19/2024 Parents: Baxter & Bella 750.00T
Sales Tax (0.06) 45.00
Puppy Total 795.00
Less Payments -200.00

Our 1-Year Health Warranty Agreement

GUARANTEE: We provide a one-year guarantee that your puppy is free from major life-threatening health issues resulting from genetic factors, such as hip or elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, and certain types of cancers like lymphoma. If your puppy is diagnosed with such a condition by a licensed veterinarian within the first year after purchase, we offer two options: a refund of up to half of the original puppy price or the opportunity to choose another puppy of the same breed.

LIMITATIONS: It is important to note that our guarantee does not cover normal illnesses or conditions that may arise due to factors like stress from relocation (from our home to yours), shipping, or motion sickness. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the precise adult size, color, or temperament of the puppy, as these factors can vary. Our estimates are based on the breeder's experience.

RESPONSIBILITY: We highly recommend that the buyer promptly arranges a veterinary examination for the puppy upon receiving it to ensure its overall health. Once the puppy is in the buyer's possession, any incurred veterinarian bills are the buyer's responsibility, along with assuming full responsibility for the puppy's care thereafter.

CARE: The buyer agrees to maintain the dog in good physical condition by adhering to regularly scheduled vaccinations, dewormings, and providing appropriate flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. Furthermore, the buyer commits to offering proper shelter, exercise, fresh water, nutritious dog food, treats, and other necessary care as advised by a veterinarian.
May 19, 2024

A few things to prepare for your new puppy:

Our Puppies are being served: Purina Pro Plan Small Breed Puppy

Our high-protein formula meets the needs of active small dogs. DHA from fish oil supports brain and vision development. Antioxidants boost the immune system. Calcium, phosphorus, and minerals strengthen bones and teeth. Bite-sized kibble aids in chewing. Live Probiotics promote digestive and immune health. Chicken is the primary ingredient and contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A

This food can be ordered and purchased from
Additionally, we highly recommend ordering NuVet Plus K9 Wafers to help your puppy continue in great health!

A few things to bring along for the puppy's ride home:

  • Crate or Box
  • Short Leash
  • Bath Towel or Pad
  • Paper Towels (in case of car sickness)

It is good to come prepared as puppies can get a little car sick or will drool a bit as they travel for the first time.